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Long Hair or Short Hair for Men

Posted on March 05 2019

Long Hair or Short Hair for Men

The battle of short or long hair on guys can be vicious. Those who rock the longer style locks wear them proudly and will usually have a better understanding of how hair works from maintaining to how to really manage it. Those with shorter cut hair can argue that they are more experimental because they can try more styles with less work with only growing the top out. 

However you look at it, the grass is always greener.

We’re getting to the bottom of this, let's talk about long hair vs short hair guys …


When it comes to exploring products Long or short hair on guys both usually have a go-to product. To put this in simple pros and cons term, this is a pro; men with longer hair usually have a bit more of an understanding of products for the simple fact that they have more hair to work with meaning they are paying a lot more attention. Factoring in hair growth a product can flip on you by the inch and what has a good hold for you today but next week might not. Those who have short vs long hair men really don’t have to worry about the product of their choice because the changes in length are very minimal and by the time it may actually create a change to their hairstyle, they are already sitting on the barber chair.


That being said, short hair vs long hair men face different challenges. Men with long hair are on a continuous awkward stage. Trims are very important to keep your love for longer hair. We suggest visiting your hair person at least once a month for a shape-up/trim. This is to ensure your hair stays healthy and neat. Short hair can have it’s downs as well but it takes a bit longer to reach an awkward stage. It can save you a bit more money too.

Every time you think short hair vs long hair guys with longer hair is usually more epic looking. For example Johnny Deep, Orlando Bloom, or Bradley Cooper. Long vs short hair men have unforgettable hair that is admired by all but that’s just it. When you have long hair it can become your key attribute. It can be fun at times but do you only want to be remembered for your hair? Yes… Maybe… Now, that’s not to say there aren’t any cool guys with short hair but it’s just never a signature and short hair is easy to pull off too. If you’re looking for a signature hairstyle - let your hair grow.


When it comes to spending money on long hair or short hair guys with short hair keep more change in their pockets. The simple reason is fewer visits to the barber. Although long hair vs short hair men still visits a hairstylist often, when you have short hair you can opt out of your next month visit. Some like their hair so short that they go once every 2 months. This is a short hair pro because your hair can be short enough that even you think its long its still very short. That means you can still manage it the way you want and get the play you want. Especially if you’re using a good hair product like our styling cream.

There are those long hair or short hair guys who build an emotional attachment to their hair and a great relationship with a stylist or barber. Cutting it short can mean less frequent cuts. Men long vs short hair need to provide more TLC to their hair and can come to terms of loving the hair care ritual. We long hair or short hair men are all guilty of loving barbershop talk, so consider this when deciding whether to let it loose or getting a short haircut.


Depending on what you want to do with your hair length, long hair vs short hair men usually aims to have 1 particular hairstyle. The reality of long hair is the amount of versatility in hairstyles the long hair process offers. Long or short hair men can argue that each option has more versatility but an amazing slick back, beach hair or messy look is best with longer hair.

There are many perks for whatever you decide to do. Each has there own challenges, like what product to use, when to wash your hair or how to get a certain hairstyle. You should always have fun with your hair and highly recommend playing on both sides of the spectrum to truly understand your hair!


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