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Men's Hairstyle Tips

Posted on January 23 2019

Men's Hairstyle Tips

Mens Hairstyle Tips

When it comes to men's hair, everyone wants to know some tips and tricks to maximize your look and get the most out of your hair. Whether it be men's hair styling tips, healthy hair tips, or anything revolving around men’s hair tips we got you covered. When it comes down to it, there are many things that are overlooked that can save you lots of time and energy with hair styling tips for guys. Let's break this down into a few categories and hopefully by the end of the article you’ll know everything you need to know to get to the look you want and maybe even teach other guys some men's styling tips.


Blow drying

A lot of guys take blow drying for granted and doing even give it a chance. I know I was like that in the beginning too, I thought it took too much time and it wasn't going to do anything for my hair so I completely ignored it. One of the best men's hair tips I can give you is a blow drying technique that amplifies the volume of your hair while also giving you the shape and structure you want for your awesome men's hairstyles. Whichever way your hair naturally falls, all you have to do is blow dry your hair in the opposite direction. This will give you tons of volume and let you style your hair many different ways! Also, if you really want you can lean over and blow dry your hair upside down..use gravity to your advantage!

Styling Products

One of the best men's hair style tips is - a little goes a long way. One product that we recommend is Chaptr Styling Cream mainly because you don't need a lot of it and it will give you a nice natural desirable look all day long. When you use a lot of product it will weigh down your hair and create a lot of build up that will take away the volume you want and also make styling your hair much more difficult. Many of these men's hair tips on styling will involve you using product in your hair, so make sure you don't overload the product and you’ll be good to go all day.


Pre-stylers are another often overlooked men's hair tips because people don't want to add any extra time to an already busy morning. However, pre-stylers are sometimes the secret for all the men's hair styling tips since the give your hair a little extra boost to help it along its way to immortality. Whether it be something to keep your hair and scalp healthy during high heat situations (blow drying) or something to give your hair a little extra hold as it dries. Maybe you want some texture in your hair that will give you beachy vibes and a very natural look? These are all achievable with pre-stylers that assist you when you want a very specific hairstyle.

The Right Product for YOUR Hair

Don't pretend like every hair type or hair length will have the same result using the same product. That is just wrong! You need to figure out which product works for your hair. A lot of people ask us for hair tips for men and honestly this is one of the biggest things we tell people. When looking at products for your hair, especially hair styling tips for short hair, what product you use plays a huge role in the desired outcome of your hairstyle. We recommend something light and creamy for people with shorter hair because anything with a heavy hold will be extremely difficult to manage. For people with medium length hair we recommend high hold products since this is the perfect length to achieve pompadours, side parts, quiffs and more. Hairstyle tips for long hair typically fall between light products with a medium hold or light hold products so you can get a natural look without looking greasy or dirty.

There you have it guys, I hope you enjoyed these hairstyle tips for men, and hopefully this will give you some ideas and inspiration to make some super dope hairstyles in the future!

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