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How Often Should You Wash Your Hair

Posted on February 13 2019

How Often Should You Wash Your Hair


One of the most popular questions ever asked in the mens hair world is how often should a guy wash his hair? The answer to that differs from person to person, hair type to hair type, and scalp to scalp. It is completely natural for your scalp to get oily, just as your face does. Glands on your scalp secrete oils to moisturize your hair and scalp to keep it healthy.

A lot of factors go in how to wash hair men and hopefully we will be able to cover all of them in the articles below and guide you to your best hair!

How Often Should Men Shampoo


When talking about how often should men wash hair, a great starting place is shampoo products. Shampoos come in all different types, scents, ingredients, daily instructions; etc. Some work for people better than others and this is going to be a bit of trial and error to figure out the best shampoo for you. First and foremost the one thing I recommend staying away from is 2 in 1 shampoo, they just serve no real purpose. The general rule of thumb we recommend for the question how often should I shampoo my hair male is to skip a day between shampoos. For the average guy, every other day should be plenty enough to get the job done. For example if you shampoo on Monday you will shampoo again on Wednesday. Pretty easy right? The benefit to this is so your scalp can replenish the natural oils it secretes, instead of constantly stripping them away. That is what shampoo does, it strips your hair from all the dirt, grease, oil and product in your hair and leaves it dry and essentially “vulnerable”. For others that don’t have oily scalp naturally, you can wash your hair everyday and there should be no issue on how often to wash hair male or female. Obviously if you style your hair everyday and want to get build up out of your hair, you will most likely need to shampoo it out, so take that into consideration as well.



Here are some quick examples of what you should look for when figuring out how often you should wash your hair:

Skin Type:

If your scalp is normal (as in not too greasy or not too dry) you should be fine with washing your hair roughly 3 times a week, If it is greasy, you will need to wash it more, if it is too dry then you will wash it less. (moisturizing it will be important if your scalp is dry though)

Hair Texture:

Hair texture is important because it dictates how much time the oil will get from the roots of your hair to the tips. Typically people with curly and wavy hair have the advantage here, it will take longer for oil to get into your hair and make it greasy so you will only need to wash roughly 2-3 times a week. People with straight hair will need to wash more because it runs down the strands of hair quicker.

How Often Should Men Condition Your Hair

Straight up, after every time you shampoo you must condition!  Conditioners are vital for your hair to regain its vitamins and moisture, so it does not dry out and give you frizzy, frail hair or dry scalp. This is especially crucial on how to take care of long hair men, because the longer your hair gets the more oil your scalp will produce, which means you will be shampooing more often and drying out your hair and scalp. A conditioner is a perfect way to make sure you aren't over shampooing because if you don't use conditioner you will be doing more harm to your hair and scalp than good. So take our word, use a conditioner after every time you shampoo your hair, you’ll thank us in the long run. These are the most important things regarding questions on how often should you wash your hair especially men with dandruff or dry hair issues. How often should you condition your hair depends on the male scalp but if you feel your hair brittle and unmanageable co-wash your short to medium hair. A lot is trial and error and finding the right product for you and then finding the perfect routine for your own scalp.

We hope you guys enjoyed this post on how to wash your hair for guys and we hope it helps. If you need any more information on how often should you wash your hair male, lets us know and we can start working on some stuff!