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How to get pomade out of your hair

Posted on March 21 2019

How to get pomade out of your hair

We all love styling out hair and getting the most out of our product throughout the day, but at night one of the hardest things to do is how to get wax out of hair. Some products these days are petroleum, wax or oil based and while they do a great job styling your hair, removing wax from hair is extremely tough. In this post we’re going to try and help you will all the types of products, especially how to get pomade out of hair.

( Man in photo: Thick wavy hair slicked back with medium sides slicked back. )



Typically when it comes to pomade, these days the majority of the products will be made with water soluble ingredients. For that all you will need to do is use water and your shampoo and you should be fine within one wash. However, if the product has oil or beeswax in it, the easiest explanation on how to get beeswax out of your hair is to use something that is going to break down the wax so you can actually wash it out. Beeswax is water resistant so you’re going to need to use Olive oil to counteract the beeswax, which will allow the beeswax to break down and wash away afterwards. Getting wax out of hair is one of the more time consuming things to do, and not looked forward to by many. However, this is this easiest and most effective on how to get wax out of your hair or how to get beeswax out of your hair.

As seen above, the pompadour is best styled with a pomade for the classic, slick timeless look. While it looks amazing, some of the issues come when trying to get the product out of your hair. Most pomades now are water based so just a normal shower will get it out. However, some pomades are still made with oil/petroleum in them so there is going to be a bit more effort trying to get it out. Follow the tips above for that!

( Man in photo: Wavy to Curly slicked backed with a graduated blended medium short top and sides. )  


Now that you have the wax out of your hair, the next issue will be how to remove oil from hair. As mentioned above, the easiest way to remove wax is using olive oil, but then how to get olive oil out of hair becomes your next issue. When your hair is coated in oil it becomes very greasy and not something you want to let sit. It can clog your pores, gives you a greasy scalp and cause a lot of irritation that you don’t want. You can effectively remove oil from your hair by constantly washing it with shampoo (we’d recommend at least 3 times) and then giving your hair/scalp a nice massage with a nourishing conditioner that way your scalp can regenerate and get healthy once more. The more you wash it, the more you will be able to get out. This is how you get grease out of hair are how to remove coconut oil from hair.

Oily products give the hair a great shine and look, especially when done correctly. This hairstyle is like the pompadour, classic and old school but the shine and hold are typically given by an oil based product. The benefit of this is that you are able to rework your style throughout the day since the oil based product will not dry in your hair. The downside is that it is extremely difficult to get out of your hair.

( Man in photo: Straight hair classic side part with tapered sides. )  



How to get gel out of hair? Simple. Most of the time all you need is water and it will rinse right out, however for a thorough rinse, use some shampoo and you should be good to go. A normal shower will remove all of it. In order to insure that you are getting a good cleaning, make sure to gently rub your fingers through your scalp to reduce any chance of build up that can later lead to flakes or hair breakage. 


( Man in photo: Natural side part, messy top and tapered sides. )  

We hope this helps you on how to remove grease from hair or how to get pomade out of your hair. Don’t worry, it’ll eventually come out, but if you want to speed up the process we recommend following the guide above! - Quick tip: if the product you're using is really hard to get out your hair, do some research on what's in it. The last thing you want is to be coating your hair with a product that is staked with harmful ingredients. 

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