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How to Identify Your Hair Type (And Style it Like a Boss)

Posted on October 08 2018

How to Identify Your Hair Type (And Style it Like a Boss)

In order to find a hairstyle that works for you, you must first know how to determine your hair type. This is essential because each hair type moves differently, grows differently, and responds differently to men's hair products when they are used.

Unfortunately, there really is no one-size-fits-all approach for men’s hair care— unwelcome news for those looking for a quick, one-shot fix. With that being said, however, it isn’t hard to narrow down your hair type once you know the main characteristics associated with different types of natural hair.

And when it comes to creating a dapper, modern men’s hairstyle, knowing is half the battle. As soon as you are certain which of the male hair types is most similar to yours, you can stop buying products that don’t benefit your hair’s natural form and start choosing styles that compliment it.

So, what are the main types of hair men have? And what are the top styling secrets for each?

Let’s break it down.

Here are the three most common male hair types (and how to style them like a boss)


This is one of the most common hair types men have, with 71.5 percent of all men falling into this category. Straight hair is arguably the most versatile when it comes to styling, since it can be styled while damp or dry, and there are a range of techniques that can be used to achieve different looks.

One of the drawbacks of straight hair, however, is that it can often appear flat or lifeless. To counter this, it is recommended that men with this hair type use products that promote volume and thickness.

Our Chaptr Hair Styling Cream for Men is a fantastic option for straight-haired guys since it is lightweight and low-gloss, providing a finish that is airy and buoyant.

We recommend pairing our styling cream with a volume-boosting shower routine, to ensure your locks are primed appropriately. One of our favorite products for this purpose is the Thickening Hair Treatment Shampoo from Nanogen, which is specifically designed to stimulate hair follicles and aid in the production of hair cells.


Straight hair is typically the most delicate hair type, and is particularly prone to breakage. For this reason, you should never rub your damp hair too vigorously when towel drying if you fall into this category. Instead, gently pat your head until the majority of the moisture has been absorbed.

Channing Tatum chooses to style his straight hair by using a comb and lightweight hair pomade to give his style lift and height.

Channing Tatum chooses to style his straight hair by using a comb and lightweight hair pomade to give his style lift and height.


If you’re wondering what type of hair is most low maintenance, consider wavy hair the answer to your question. Folks with this hair type get to enjoy the best of both worlds since their hair is malleable enough to be straightened, yet voluminous enough to rock that effortless bedhead look.

Thus, of all the hair types men can have, this one welcomes the most creativity.

The secret to styling wavy male hair types is to reduce frizz, while still using products that provide a strong hold.

Products like the Frizz Dismiss Leave-In Soothing Oil Serum from Redken are great for eliminating flyaways and giving waves a smooth, luminous appearance.

And to keep wavy tresses in place, the Chaptr Hair Styling Cream for Men is always helpful. Our buildable formula gives you control over the strength of your hold, allowing you to firmly lock your look in, or simply add a little structure.


Wavy hair is especially susceptible to humid weather. To ensure your hairstyle stays fresh and sharp, add an extra barrier of protection. We recommend trying Living Proof’s Humidity Shield Finishing Spray after you’re done styling for a long lasting ‘do.

Orlando Bloom often styles his wavy locks while they are damp, using a firm hold styling gel to keep his look under control.



When it comes to men’s hair types, curly and kinky hair is often the least understood. Guys with this hair type may struggle to keep their curls frizz-free and under control, and may have a harder time finding a hair stylist that understands how to cut their spirals.

For this type of hair men should focus on moisture-boosting products that keep unruliness at bay. The Oribe Curl Gloss for Hydration & Hold is one of our personal favorites, because it has a zero-grease formula while also being vegan, paraben-free, sulfate-free and gluten-free.

To get the maximum effect, men with this hair type should use a wide-tooth comb to evenly distribute their product from front to back. This ensures that all areas receive an adequate amount of product, creating a consistent, healthy look.


Curly hair types benefit the most from keratin promoting products and treatments. What is keratin? Is is a natural protein that protects hair cells from damage (i.e. split ends, breakage, and knotting). Products like the Keratin Intensive Treatment from Paul Mitchell are ideal for restoring natural health and lustre to curly hair types. And because their results are so long lasting, a little product will go a long way!



Moisture-boosting products are ideal for folks with curly hair types, like Bruno Mars.