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How to Thicken Hair for Men

Posted on December 18 2018

How to Thicken Hair for Men

No one ever wants to lose their hair but for 25 per cent of men under thirty, it's inevitable. That number rises to over 60 per cent by the time you're sixty. For those unlucky enough to suffer from tonsorial trauma, there's little to be done to reverse the shedding process altogether. With a lot of myths and potential home remedies on how to get thicker hair for men today we want to share the best tips and tricks to thicken your hair and how you should manage frail hair follicles.

 So when it comes down to how to thicken hair men should consider on what natural means to you. Some may goes as far as taking hair from their body and getting a procedure done as natural and others may see adding coconut oil every other day as natural.

However, there's plenty you can do to thicken what hair you have left. Cheap, quick and easy to do, these solutions will help thicken your hair.

This first solution may come off as self-explanatory but is also the most debatable when it comes to the battle on how to stop hair loss or how to make your hair thicker for men as some see hair falling out when washing or rinsing their hair. Many men worry that the more they wash their hair the more they'll lose but in reality washing actually thickens hair because dirty, greasy hair lies flat and looks ‘gappy'. This can also be the solution on how to add volume to hair for guys. The thing about volume is that it can always be built. So learn how to use it, not abuse it.  

It wouldn’t be fair to recommend you to wash your hair but not suggest you any products. We recommend Club Roots shampoo and conditioner, it helps to thicken your hair as well as create healthy hair follicles to promote thick hair growth!

 We recommend using a thickening hair product. This isn’t a permanent solution but special products will plump and boost up the hair shafts to make them look fuller. When it comes to how to add volume to hair men usually put the blame solely on the post-styler, but a pre-styler can allow men thicker hair to take a stand and allow your hair to look at least 20% fuller.

For thicker hair for men we recommend American Crew boost powder which weightless powder adds grit for dramatic, gravity-defying texture and can be layered with a post styler like Chaptr Styling Cream.

 Finger comb! Using a brush or regular comb can make your hair look flat and boring. When it comes to how to add volume to hair guys, learn to finger comb your hair. When you figure out that your fingers can be your best brush you’ll see how it can start to thicken your hair, while adding volume and texture, too. This is the perfect cheap hack to how to start thicken hair for guys with a zero budget!


Here is how to finger comb:

 -Apply a nickel size amount of hair product

-Mix in hands

-Apply with fingers and style hair to desired style.

-Use fingers as a comb or like a “rake” so you can grab more hair and larger pieces to create a more full look and style.

 Use the right styling products! If you’re using heavy pomades, clays or gels on thinning hair you’re not doing it any favors. If you want thicker hair men should use a natural hold styling cream. A heavier product is simply going to weigh your hair down making it look thin and flat. So you’re going to want to  apply a lightweight product that will lift from the root and that is how to make your hair thicker for men.

 Easier said than done..but no smoking! According to Harvard School of Public Health in America, smoking not only increases levels of hormones that can trigger hair loss, it also constricts the tiny blood vessels that supply the scalp, starving your hair of the nutrients it needs for growth.


Put the wind in your hair! An excellent trick on how to thicken hair men should have a proper blow-dryer which is a good way to give fine hair more volume. Be careful not to over-dry your hair though, we recommend using a heat protector when blow drying your hair to protect it from damage.


Be careful when your hair is wet. Human hair is three times weaker when wet and over-combing or rough towel drying can damage it and cause snapping – the last thing you want if you're already a bit thin on top. Instead, let hair dry naturally or gently pat dry and style with your fingers to give it more texture.

Consider a better cut! Many men try to deal with baldness by growing their hair or playing with partings, when in reality a shorter cut is always more flattering So go for a classic crop or an unstructured one if you've still got some hair to play with. Both will help make it look denser and draw attention away from your hair loss and towards your face.

 We know there are many stages to thinning hair and if you have any tricks of your own on how to get thick hair for guys let us know! Hope these tips and tricks help, and good luck on your hair thickening journey! Enhance your everyday ritual.

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