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How To Use Hair Styling Cream

Posted on August 01 2018

How To Use Hair Styling Cream
How To Use Styling Cream ... 
    Many times we blame a product for not working and assume it's not good enough or not doing what it says it will do. The true issue isn't always a product itself, but it may be your hair type and how you're misusing and using Styling Cream; so let's talk hair styling cream... 

    Hair cream, also known as styling cream, adds a subtle, natural-looking shine to hair. It gives a low to medium hold that tames stray hairs, but doesn't weigh your 'do down. Simply put, it banishes frizz without the greasiness.
With a product like Chaptr Styling Cream having a natural hairstyle is key. A good Styling Cream shouldn't be too thick and hard to apply or emulsify. The less you can feel it in your hands and hair, the better when using styling cream. This allows you to feel comfortable re-shaping and re-styling your hair at anytime of the day knowing that you will have the ability to rebuild your hair 'do throughout the day. 
Glazes and gels are thick liquids used on wet or dry hair for sculpting wet looks, for accenting curls, or controlling thick, wavy hair. Pomades, styling waxes and molding creams add texture, definition, body and structure to create dreads, twists, spikes and bed-head looks. forming cream vs grooming cream add much higher holds and are usually used with combs for a classic hairstyle. 

It's very important to know the differences between products in order for you to achieve the hairstyle of your choice. A little bit of research goes a long way and can keep you from spending on products that will not give you the result you are looking for. 
     What should you consider when searching for a product? For one, know your hair type. If you are not too sure feel free to ask your barber/hairstylist what they consider your hair type to be. With that information you can google search and surf a variety of pages that will pop up with photos where you can find hairstyles and haircut inspiration. The second thing is realizing your desired hairstyle and training your hair to form and achieve that style. An easy Styling Cream is suggested as they are more pliable and will form to different hair types. It's always a safer bet and it's a great first buy if you are just getting to know your hair. 
    Applying it to damp hair works best, but dry hair can work well, too. Just dab a dime-sized drop of product onto your palms and rub them together. Then run your hands through your hair from back to front, making sure to cover your stands as evenly as possible. Use your fingers or a comb to style as desired.
    If you are looking to create a really well manicured hairstyle, a blow dryer can assist you by better controlling the direction of your hair and by boosting and texturizing, if needed. May times I highly suggest you know what hair length works best for you and your hairstyle. There are countless of times that I did everything I could to better manage my hair but all I needed was a simple trim to clean and shape my face and hair or I actually needed to cut 1/2 to 1 inch off my hair to better manage it. So if you're feeling fed up with your hair, don't hesitate to call and book your appointment for hair consultation. 
    Our Styling Cream was formulated for various hair types and depending on your type, it may need different kinds of a TLC. If your hair is thin and naturally straight, you may want to add some Styling Cream on your damp hair then proceed to blow drying and using a round brush to build volume with hold or texture. If your are simply looking for texture you hands back and forth as you blow dry may suffice.
    For those with thicker and fuller hair, blowing drying may bring out the best of your hair. If you have really corse hair and stubborn wavy parts and curls, you may use a brush comb to straighten them out a bit. But lucky for you, if you just need you hair dry and can get the natural volume and texture, a couple minutes of blow drying is enough. 
     When applying, you want to make sure you're emulsifying the Styling Cream throughly and evenly. Once done, start by gently applying in the desired direction. A quick tip is to always begin with less product so you won't over apply. - there is a such thing as too much product and the product sometimes is not to blame. An important hair apply factor that one may overlook is how crucial it may be f you do not apply the product to the root of your hair. If not done, there will be product build up and you may lose a lot of volume as your hair will just be weighed down and your texture will also be harder to manage. Make sure you are patient when applying and you get down to the root for a much better result. Never use more than a quarter size at a time.
Once you are satisfied with your look, your job is done!