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Let's talk about How To Take Care of Your Hair...

Posted on January 16 2019

Let's talk about How To Take Care of Your Hair...


Let's talk about How To Take Care of Your Hair Men and Boys.

Hair comes and goes but that shouldn’t mean you shouldn’t do everything in your power to keep that new set of follicles taken care of. Whether you use heavy amounts of hair product or the occasional dime-size amount, hair care for men should be considered a serious subject. Most guys may overlook the importance of this subject because they’re styling with a short hairstyle but today I’m going to tell you how to have good hair men both with short and long hair.

To begin this Men's hair care guide we want to break it down with a game plan.

Washing your hair.

You need to know when to shampoo and condition your hair. All hair has natural build up that is needed to feed the follicles and keep your scalp moist and nourished naturally. Sometimes with the combination of hair products, it can cause too much build up which leads your pores to clog and your hair to be very heavy and unmanageable. The best hair care for men is choosing a right Shampoo and Conditioner that will give you the perfect balance of supplements and hydrated hair. Right now, if you are shampooing daily, you’re not maximizing what mother nature has provided you with, so make sure you’re learning how to take care of your hair guys.


For those with wavy to curly hair and are asking how to take care of long thick hair, your answer is co-washing. We recommend using leave-in conditioner or shea butter as a moisturizer which will add nutrients back to the hair and scalp that enrich it for each day’s elements and wear. This specifically for long hair care guys. Co-washing can be usually done 1-2 a week and treats your hair to nutrients that will keep it full of life and not dry or brittle. For mens with finer and straighter hair, this can be done only a few times a month.


Some men won’t consider blow-drying when it comes down to how to take care of men’s hair but it can really support your manageability and how your hair looks and feel. Some are very familiar with long hair care for men and know that a blow-dryer can be your best friend if used correctly. For one, it can help with desired hair direction and call also help with styling and producing volume/texture. To insure that you don’t damage your hair, use heat protectant or make sure you have a solid distance between your hair follicle and blow dryer when used with the hot setting. No one wants damaged hair especially if its longer  which is why it’s important you listen up on how to take care of long hair for guys that are growing out or have longer locks.


Brushing may seem only for horses but what do horses have? Yup! Long silky hair. Combing your hair into place isn’t brushing and combing with product isn’t considered it either. When how to care for long hair guys know that you must brush your hair after a shower or right before bed. This works almost as a body message for your hair follicles. It helps with detangling and strip any dead hair that may cause others to break and get split ends. This isn’t only for longer haired individuals either but for short hair too. hair knows not length and you want to make sure that every inch is a healthy inches by brushing your hair.

Styling Products

An overabundance of products can do more damage than good. For daily use you’re going to want to make sure your are aware of ingredients and shy away from products with large amounts of alcohol and use a styling cream with more natural ingredients. Using products on the daily can be done correctly by using a small amount and also by washing and scrubbing your scalp vigorously to removing product buildup. This will also stimulate circulation in the scalp, which helps prevent hair loss. It's a win, win. So when raised the question how to take care of long hair guys can respond by saying “a simple scalp massage”.

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