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Posted on November 12 2018


When looking for a hairstyle to rock, not many men consider that the hairstyle they want might not work with the face shape that they have. It is usually an afterthought to think about the proportions of your face in relation to the hairstyle you want. However, we’re going to talk about some of the things that you need to think about, because there is nothing worse than looking through the internet and finding an amazing hairstyle only to realize when you get it, it just doesn’t work. The idea behind finding your face shape and the hairstyle that goes with it, is that it will amplify your strengths and hide your weaknesses. This guide should help you find the perfect and best hairstyle for your face shape. Some of the basic questions you need to ask yourself are:

  1. What haircut should I get for my face shape?
  2. What is the best haircut for my face?
  3. How to check what hairstyle suits my face shape?

The first thing you need to do is figure out what face shape you have! This is the first and most important part of finding a hairstyle that suits you and your face. If you try a hairstyle that does the opposite, and amplifies your weaknesses it is going to make you feel horrible and you won’t be as confident with your look. It’s just like grooming and your own personal style - it needs to fit with you. It isn’t as hard as you might think, and there are some easy measurements you can do to figure out if you have an oval face shape, oblong face shape, heart face shape, diamond face shape, square face shape or round face shape. Check out the diagram below for some help. Now, you can ask yourself - What hairstyle suits me?


Essentially all you need to do to figure out your face shape is pull your hair back and analyze what you see in the mirror. Your pretty face should fall within one of six categories.

  1. Oval: Forehead may be slightly wider than the chin, and the length of the face is about one and a half times the width.
  2. Round: Prominent, rounded cheeks with equal width and length of the face.
  3. Square: Prominent jaw and square chin, with forehead and jawline roughly the same width.
  4. Oblong: Often confused for the oval face, though an oblong face will have a longer shape that is not as wide as oval — often with a narrow chin.
  5. Heart: Wider forehead and cheekbones with a narrow jawline and chin.
  6. Diamond: Narrow forehead and jawline with cheekbones at the widest point of the face.

There you have it, use the guide above and diagram to figure out what face shape you have. Now let’s discuss some hairstyles that suit your face shape and the best haircuts to get.


Oval Face Shape

The oval face shape is typically the most forgiving and easiest to work with because it is relatively the most proportional shape you can have. It suits a ton of hairstyles and the best haircut for oval face men really all depends on you. You can grow your sides longer and have a medium to long full hairstyle or cut them short and have a disconnected undercut to really show off your hairstyle. As far as product, we recommend a pomade or a styling cream like CHAPTR Styling Cream to achieve the hairstyles you want for an oval face.

Round Face Shape:

Round face shapes are unfortunately one of the harder shapes to style. There are little to no dimensions or angles to help make a hairstyle stand out, so you need to have a hairstyle that creates those dimensions for you. The best hairstyle and haircut for a round face is one that has shorter sides and longer hair on top. This will help elongate your face and give off the illusion that your face is not as round as it is. A pompadour or undercut will do amazing for this face shape!

Square Face Shape:

Another great face shape to have for a lot of versatile hairstyles. The square face is generally sharp and masculine which highlight high cheekbones, a strong jawline and a squared chin. This allows you pull off a lot of different looks and is especially makes chiseled square-faced men attractive. This face shape is versatile with different types of hair, don’t be afraid to experiment with other lengths and styles. When styling your hair, we think a lot of volume will be best so it can make your face look a little longer and less square, while also keeping all of your features pronounced and intacty. Focus on fullness and add as much product as you desire – this face shape can handle a significant amount of hair. A pomp works great, a side part can work wonders and anything that creates angles will help with your symmetry.

Oblong Face Shape

Oblong face shapes are typically and most commonly confused with the oval face shape since they are so similar. An oblong face will be slightly longer and more narrow, which isn't necessarily a bad thing. For this you can opt for a longer hairstyle that can give the illusion of your face being more round and full than it really is. If you want to cut the sides short, it might make your face look skinny and longer than you want. So the best haircut for long faces or the best haircut for an oblong face would be a full, medium length hairstyle.



Heart Face Shape:

This face shape is pronounced by a larger forehead and a narrow chin, kind of in the shape of a heart. When looking for heart shaped face hairstyle, men need to stay away from hairstyles that make your chin seem more narrow and small. This will make your entire face look small and not right.

Diamond Face Shape:

Diamond face shapes have wider cheekbones than your forehead jawline, which lead to a diamond effect. Full and high-volume hairstyles work best to help keep your face in proportion and not as jagged. A messy fringe can work nicely to match your cheekbones and soften your jawline. Textured hairstyles like the french crop, side part and long textured flowy hairstyles are the best for this face shape. We recommend a styling cream for a natural and texturized look, like CHAPTR Styling Cream


As a bonus, glasses can be a big part of a hairstyle and your face shape. Essentially what you want to do is find the opposite frame from the face shape you have. Like hairstyles, you want to make your face look proportional with your glasses and create angles that help amplify your strengths and hide your weaknesses. Take a look at some photos below for some help! The best hairstyles for men with glasses depends on the glasses you wear compared to your face shape. Match the type of glasses to your face shape and then the hairstyle to that face shape and you’ll be looking amazing and attractive to everyone around you.