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Top 5 Hair and Style Influencers

Posted on May 14 2020

Top 5 Hair and Style Influencers



Men's Hair and Style Influencers

These five hair influencers share their love for style and hair care through their various channels and social platforms. One thing they all have in common? They f*ck with CHAPTR. 

Robin James 


His blog (est. 2012) and accompanying YouTube channel (est. 2013) are the home to everything James explores in men’s style, lifestyle, and grooming. From hair tutorials; product reviews; seasonal lookbooks and hauls; to restaurant reviews and cocktail recipes; he shoots videos, takes pictures, and writes about the stuff that makes him tick. Particularly interested in the evolving landscape of men’s style and grooming. James believes we’re at a point where men have so many options and we can truly explore our own sense of style and the kind of products and experiences that work for us. Click here to see his review on CHAPTR. 

Joseph Andrews


The 23-year-old YouTube sensation/hair guru / social influencer has just moved into this workspace. For the past four years, he’s been creating videos from his bedroom, but with the success of his BluMaan hair products, he’s stepped up into an operation that has 13 staff working on the product in Canada and an assistant, Josh, helping him out on this side of the Atlantic. While his official YouTube channel was started at age 19 in 2014, there were Blumaan videos before that. On a channel, he’s since removed, these “learning experience videos,” as Joe describes them, managed to amass just 150 odd views. For the Head-and-Shoulders sponsored influencer with over 150k Instagram followers, that seems like a world away. Click here to see his review on CHAPTR. 

Matt Berardinelli- TDM Style


This Instagram influencer and YouTuber has just moved into this workspace. Berardinelli focuses on all things hair: product reviews, styling tips, how to's, and much more.  Click here to see his review on CHAPTR. 

Cameron Cretney


Cameron Cretney is best known as a YouTube Star. Fashion YouTuber is known for his hairstyling videos for men. He’s also posted skincare videos and product reviews. One of his most popular videos is of him doing a tutorial to recreate Brad Pitt's hairstyle in the movie Fury. He uploaded his first video in early 2014 and reached 10,000 subscribers about a year later. Click here to watch his review on CHAPTR. 

Jose Zuniga


The hard truth is most men don’t dress well not for lack of care, but because they simply don’t know how to do it right. That’s where Jose Zungia steps in. His popular YouTube account with 4M+ subscribers teaches clueless dudes how to properly pull together outfits, and the little tricks that make those outfits really pop. Jose also runs a popular IG account showing off his stylish new looks, along with insights into key collections and styles that other men can use much to the delight of his 1M+ followers. There seems to be no end to Jose’s advice, as he is constantly coming up with new ways to inspire, advise and motivate his followers. Click here to watch is review on CHAPTR.